Saturday, March 17, 2007

Captured Moments 2 Link

I wanted to post a link so everyone could get to Captured Moments 2 so here it is: I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to leave comments. I monitor them and will allow posting if I feel they are appropriate and in good taste.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Coming Soon Captured Moments 2

Since I have exceeded the limit on image posting I've decided to create a second blog and will name it Captured Moments 2. This way I will be able to continue to post captured images of Corey, for I have many more to share. Look for it soon!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reached my limit on image posting!

I must have reached my 300MB limit on image posting. Too bad because I have several more images of Corey I'd like to share with everyone.

If anyone is interested I would be willing to sell photo Cd's of Corey's captured images. They would be full size and printable of course. Just to let you know there are no nudes or any images that are illegal.

Corey Hooters Orange

Here we go with the orange again. This time a Hooters shirt!

Corey Three at BHG at Fourteen

These three captured moments of Corey's youth were taken at BHG (Black Hand Gorge) when he was fourteen years old.

Corey Christmas Yellow

Corey at my place wearing an outfit I bought for him one Christmas.

Corey Old House

Corey and I stopped at this old house and took several shots. We were on our way back from a movie and cruisin with the tunes, something we often did.